Terms of Service

Auction Type: Auctions we conduct are considered auctions with reserves. The vehicles or merchandise offered for sale are subject to approval to award to the highest bidder. The phrase, “SOLD, ON A CALL”, indicates the reserve has not been met and approval must be sought. In a case of this type, The Registered Buyer’s offer must remain in place until the conclusion of the day following that day’s sale, a total of 2 business days, at which time the Registered Buyer will be released from their offer. Subsequent to that 2 business day period the Registered Buyer shall have the option to complete the purchase if their offer is approved. TRA reserves the sole and absolute right to withdraw, postpone or cancel a vehicle from sale at any time. In such instance, TRA will have no obligation to a Registered Buyer as a result of the action. The Registered Buyer or their approved bidders may not contact insurance companies, sellers or previous owners of vehicles. Any violation of this policy will result in the loss of bidding privileges, with no refund of application or registration fees.

Disclaimer of Warranties: ALL UNITS ARE SOLD AS IS, WHERE IS, AND HOW IS, REGARDLESS OF FAULT OR CONDITION. ALL UNITS, REGARDLESS OF TITLE TYPE ARE SOLD ON THE PREMISE OF NO WARRANTY. Total Resource Auctions, and suppliers of vehicles at our auctions, hereby expressly disclaim any and all warranties, guarantees, express or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Total Resource Auctions, and suppliers of vehicles at our auctions, neither assume, nor authorize any persons to assume for them, any liability in connection with the sale of vehicles, goods or merchandise at any TRA auction. All vehicles or merchandise sold at auctions that we conduct have some material fact of damage, due to collision, hail, flood, fire, theft, vandalism, or mechanical defect. All vehicles offered for sale are presumed to have suffered frame or structural damage to the body. TRA WILL NOT be responsible for any of the information relating to vehicles or merchandise presented for auction sale. It is the Registered Buyer’s responsibility to verify the year, make, model, mileage and damages of each vehicle or piece of merchandise offered for sale at a TRA conducted auction. As a service, TRA provides certain information listing damages made from visual observations and odometer readings of each vehicle offered at auction for sale. The Registered Buyer shall not rely upon such information as an accurate description of the damages vehicles may have sustained or the actual mileage of the vehicle or merchandise offered for auction. The Registered Buyer shall be exclusively responsible to verify mileage, inspect and ascertain damages both hidden and obvious, and investigate any and all information related to the status, condition, history or other of each vehicle or piece of merchandise bid on by the Registered Buyer. The Registered Buyer is expected to be a commercially car savvy buyer, as such, it is their responsibility to verify both obvious and hidden damages and research all information pertaining to the vehicle they intend to bid on prior to actually submitting a bid for that vehicle. (No Arbitration)

Internet Bidding: The Registered Buyer must be in good financial standing in order to gain access to the TRA internet bidding service. Should the Registered Buyer elect to utilize this service, in addition to the Online Bidding Practices and Policies of TRA, all terms and conditions of this Buyer Registration Agreement are binding on the Registered Buyer as if said Registered Buyer were at a TRA auction in person. In addition to the fees and charges that are provided for in this Agreement, the Registered Buyer agrees to pay the Online Bidding Fee per item purchased in effect at the time of placing the online bid. Internet bidding fees are subject to change without notice.

WARNING! To be eligible to buy at any salvage auction in Alabama you must have a BUYER ID CARD from the STATE OF ALABAMA. To obtain a BUYER ID CARD, you must have a Dismantler, Parts and Recycler’s license from the State of Alabama or an equivalent license from the state in which you operate. To obtain a BUYER ID CARD, please contact the State of Alabama Dept. of Revenue at 334-353-7827 or contact an Alabama TRA office for assistance.

All Buyers enter TRA premises at their own risk: Children under the age of 16 are not permitted inside the premises. By entering said premises, the Authorized Bidder assumes all risk for themselves and their guests. By signing below the undersigned irrevocably and unconditionally waives and releases their rights (if any) to recover from Total Resource Auctions, its directors, officers, employees, representatives and agents, any and all damages, losses, liabilities, costs or expenses, whatsoever, and claims therefore, whether direct or indirect, known or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen, which may arise from or be related to bodily injury or property damage which occurs while on Total Resource Auctions premises.

Title Delivery: All titles will be held in the Registered Buyer’s Paid Title File for pickup by the Registered Buyer, unless directed otherwise by the Registered Buyer to mail or send by some other courier after payment is received. Registered Buyers desiring overnight delivery of their titles must provide the courier’s name and account number for billing purposes.

Damages, Theft and Vandalism on Premises: When vehicles or merchandise are sold, Registered Buyers are encouraged to promptly pay for and remove purchases the day of the auction. TRA will not be responsible for damages, acts of vandalism or theft of items from vehicles or merchandise after the auction. Additionally, because our auction is a live auction, people will be present during the auction and we will not be responsible for theft, vandalism or damage to vehicles or merchandise prior to, or during the auction. TRA does not guarantee that keys are available for any vehicle sold through TRA, regardless of whether keys appear present in images provided, or were available prior to purchase by the Registered Buyer.

In transit Damages: Should a Registered Buyer hire TRA to transport a vehicle or merchandise purchased and damage be inflicted on that vehicle or merchandise during transport, TRA reserves the right to negotiate a reasonable settlement offer or void the sale and have the vehicle or merchandise returned to our premises for future resale at our sole and absolute discretion.

Exporting of Vehicles: If you have signed the affidavit stating that the vehicles purchased are to be taken out of state or country, it is the buyers responsibility to know the of what can and cannot be exported or titled in the state or country the vehicles are going to. TRA is not responsible for any units that cannot be exported or titled based on year, make, model, title type, or any other reason.

Memorandum of Sale / Authenticity of Sale: The Registered Buyer hereby declares and agrees that these Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to every vehicle purchased by them at any auction conducted.

by TRA, together with such other and additional terms as may be announced or published by TRA and/or the auctioneer at the time of auction. Auctioneer announcements supplant all other information provided by TRA. The Registered Buyer hereby declares and agrees that in the event of a dispute as to the authenticity of a bid by their Authorized Bidder, the audio tape of that purchase together with Registered Buyer’s Bidder Authorization Form shall be prima fascia evidence of the authenticity of the purchase. The Registered Buyer hereby agrees that together with the auction clerk’s record of bid and the audio record shall constitute without further documentation a legally binding Memorandum of Sale. The Registered Buyer hereby waives any condition that a separate Memorandum of Sale signed by the Authorized Bidder shall be required for each item awarded to the Registered Buyer at auctions conducted by TRA.